CI SMART NOTEBOOK prince of wales 2.0


Official product of the Caderno Inteligente® brand – the ORIGINAL.

The notebook that you take out and put the sheets in whenever you want! The Smart Notebook is the ideal notebook for college and for those who need to write a lot and have space for all notes, plans, school notes and a better organization of the subject.

You can have your smart notebook customized to your style: remove and replace covers, sheets, change discs and use different accessories.

Note: As this is a handmade product, the color may vary slightly. 🙂

The smart notebook does not include any pen, pencil or other props used for photography.

Additional product information


Large – 215 x 280 mm

A5 – 155 x 220 mm

Inteligine (A6 type) – 101 x 142 mm